Collins, Cook, Commercial, Collaborative, Commission”

When leasing your commercial building through a professional Realtor why do you, the Landlord, bear all the risk?  

Why do you pay 100% of the commission at lease signing?

Why doesn’t the Realtor share in the risk with the Landlord, that the Tenant will continue the lease?

Introducing the 5C Commercial Leasing Program from Collins-Cook Realty.  The program is simple:

  • Allow one of the Collins-Cook Commercial Agents to represent you with your leasing needs

  • A Collins-Cook Agent will actively market your property through a myriad of online, in person, print and digital marketing venues using social media and off market connections on an international level.  Our efforts put your property front and center with vetted, qualified Tenants.

  • Secure the lease to your acceptable terms

  • Divide the Realtor commission over the term of the lease

  • You pay out the pro rata commission to us each month

The concept is simple, let us be a true partner for your commercial leasing needs.  

Contact one of our agents today to get started.